Carlos Carrasco
Art Director, World Design Studio Milan
MTV International

I have known Mark Warbrook for approximately 4 years
we worked closely together as Senior Designers for London Design Studio
and then in a different capacity when I moved to WDS Milan.

Mark cares a lot about the MTV brand (can’t be said for everyone)
and always sets high standards for himself and every individual
or studio he works with. Everyone holds him in high regard and
he’s been able to establish a wide network of contacts and many
strong working relationships – a testament to the very personable approach to his projects.

His passion for art and design is evident through all of his outside interests,
always making the effort beyond working hours to keep up to date with what’s
going on in the creative world – often pushing the rest of the LDS team (kicking & screaming)
to the latest must-see exhibition or conference. Mark also dedicates a lot of time each
year on working with the top London Art Schools on student projects,
keeping a close eye on the up & coming talent and plus automatically reflecting well on our brand.

Mark has also struck a good relationship with World Design Studio,
always showing an interest in projects and eager to hear about the
latest collaborations with different artists and design studios.
Sounds obvious, but keeping your eyes open is key and combined
with a meticulous attention to detail are all really important attributes
which Mark would fulfill in his new as a freelance designer.

Steve Lewis
Creative Director

I am writing with reference to Mark Warbrook (Sparky)
and his professional experience, expertise and ability
in the field of motion graphics and on-air design.

Having worked with Sparky for a little over two years
in the position of Creative Director On-Air at MTV Netwoworks UK & Ireland
I can safely say that I consider him an asset to any team and a highly creative individual.
He is a competant and experienced braodcast designer capable of handing
a wide range of projects in multiple media.

His varied approach to design is based on his personal ambition to
broaden his skillset and a passion for innovative and conceptual thinking.

For me one of Sparky’s key strengths is his team work, he’s capable
of leading projects with other members of the department or working
along side colleagues and external vendors alike, he is the first to
contribute and has the furthering of the team at heart.

His passion for design and creativeity also push Sparky to be involved
with local schools and colleges in helping to mentor and develop young talent,
a skill he recently broaght back in house as part of the mentor scheme implemented at MTV.

All in all, Sparky is a punctual, hard working and dependable ideas man,
in fact when it comes to brainstorms, his is the first name on the team sheet!

Paul Wilkinson

I first came across Mark when he was working as a designer at Nickelodeon.
It was there that I became aware of his many abilities and was impressed by
not only his high level of creativity, but just as importantly, his ability to deliver
great work under pressure and with limited resources.

Later on when I was working as Creative Director at MTV UK,
I was really pleased to get the opportunity to make Mark part of the creative team at MTV.

He hit the ground running, and quickly made a great impression,
becoming a valuable asset to the team working on the wide variety
of projects that are part and parcel of the remit of a department like that.
He is as happy working on an individual basis as he is managing a team
or external agencies. Although he had the job title of Senior Designer when
I worked with him, both the Senior Designer roles and the Art Director role
were fundamentally the same with regard to responsibilities.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark for that job,
and am sure he would bring the levels of creative excellence
and maturity needed to admirably fulfil the role.

Akin Akinsiku

Art Director Nickelodeon UK

I have known Mark Warbrook for over 8 years .
First when I was a Senior Producer at Nick
and later in my role as an Art Director at the same company.
During our working relationship I found Mark to be that kind
of designer that lives and breathes his art. He creates as well
as leads and was highly respected in both capacities.
He is as comfortable in meetings as he is brainstorming.
He cares not just about the bigger grander projects,
but also the daily seemingly ‘mundane’ aspects of the role.
While he was a designer at Nick, he was instrumental in facilitating
the expansion of the design team to include a stream of freelance designers.
He worked with and also looked after the freelancers on board.
He successfully managed and coordinated campaigns at the highest
levels and showed initiative and inventiveness in his day to day tasks.

He is practical, very professional and commands respect from other
team members and also people in management.
His passion for the arts also extends beyond the ‘9-5’
with his various street art interests. This is a trait that is especially
important to the role of a creative as it ensure the constant exposure
the ever changing creative universe. It means as a designer he
remains relevant and his finger is always on the pulse.

His talent was certainly missed at Nickelodeon,
and it is my opinion that he will be an excellent resource
to anyone in need of quality motion design.

Steve Shannon
Creative Director

Mark Warbrook worked with me first as a
freelancer and then as Designer and Senior Designer
at Nickelodeon UK for over 4 years while I was Creative Director.
Mark was an extremely valued and trusted member of my team.
His knowledge of post production and animation is second to
none and he was always willing to impart his knowledge
and expertise to the younger members of the team.
Highly creative and motivated with strong design skills he
always led by example. Always keen to learn the latest piece of software
or kit in the ever changing graphics and TV world. He also has a strong grasp
of contemporary Art, Design and popular culture, proving him invaluable
from creative concept to post production solutions.
Calm under pressure and always with a friendly disposition.
Mark was a pleasure to work with.

I would not hesitate to employ Mark again if I had the opportunity.